2016 Distribution Trips

2016 Distribution Trips

There will be two wheelchair distribution trips during the summer of 2016.  The first is set for June 22nd thru June 29th to Bolivia.  The second will be to Ecuador and we are still working on the exact dates but it will likely be from approximately July 15th thru 20th or July 22nd thru 27th.  The dates will not be finalized until early February.

We have been to Bolivia before and it is one of the most beautiful and colorful countries in South America.  It is also generally considered the poorest country in South America and the people are extremely appreciative when receiving the wheelchairs.  The distributions will be focused in and around the city of Santa Cruz which is not at a high altitude. There are excellent opportunities to take side trips before or after the distributions.  These include the Altiplano which is the most extensive area of high plateau on earth outside of Tibet; Lake Titicaca which is the largest lake in South America; and Iguazu Falls which is one of the planet’s most awe-inspiring sights and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Our trip to Ecuador will be focused in and around the city of Guayaquil which is on the coast and therefore not at altitude. We have also been to Ecuador before and had a great experience working with the same group of Rotarians who are helping us plan this trip. Guayaquil is the departure point for an excellent side trip, before or after the wheelchair distributions, to the Galapagos Islands.

Up to 20 teachers, administrators, parents and high school students will be able to participate at their own cost.  Responsible, mature students 15 and older may participate with their parents and students 17 or older may participate without their parents. During the trips we will be delivering wheelchairs in different towns and cities, doing some home deliveries, some sightseeing and enjoying the local food and customs.

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We will start taking reservations in February and will take the first 20 people who pay their deposit on each trip.  There is already a lot of interest so if you are interested in either trip it would be good to get on our distribution list now so you can be contacted when we start taking reservations.  Just send JoAnn a note at jpariso@wheelchairfoundation.org.

Josh with 6 teachers from Lydiksen Elementary School in Pleasanton during our distribution trip to Guatemala in 2013.

Three teachers, two high school students and a parent/Rotarian joined us for our distribution trip to Costa Rica in 2014

Three teachers, two high school students and a parent/Rotarian joined us for our distribution trip to Costa Rica in 2014

Seven teachers and three high school students joined our distribution trip to Honduras in 2014

Touring a government palace in Lima, Peru on our first trip of 2015.

Wearing the gifts we were given by the Mayor of Chanchamayo, Peru during our second trip in 2015.