About SOI

School of Imagination, located in Dublin, CA, is a one-of a kind educational facility, offering innovative preschool, kindergarten and infant development classes, serving more than 340 children a week.

We strive to provide the best educational opportunity for your child, with a keen focus on strengthening their individual talents and gifts. Our passionate and highly-qualified team of educators and developmental specialists also provide the largest of array of individual therapy and tutoring programs to give your child every extra opportunity to achieve academic success. And it all happens under one roof!

School of Imagination stands out from other schools around the country, because under one very big roof, we foster a compassionate student community of typically-developing and special needs students. And we couldn’t be more proud of that! In addition to our preschool and kindergarten classes, our award-winning Happy Talkers program offers a wide array of developmental services (speech, occupational and behavioral) for children in need of any degree of additional learning support. And this is where the “inclusion” comes in! We believe that when you allow children of both populations that chance to interact and learn together, you build compassionate, tolerant and socially aware individuals. When you see for yourself the magic that our inclusive environment fosters, well, it’s just a joy to watch!