El Oasis Orphanage Photos

Each year we buy Christmas gifts on our way to the orphanage and sort them during our stay. We leave a large shopping bag full of clothes and toys for each child to open on Christmas day. We also always do a huge grocery shopping excursion at the Costco in Tijuana. All of the food and kitchen items are then sorted and distributed to each of the homes at the orphanage. In addition we do a ‘work project’ each year.


2014 El Oasis (February)

Josh had to work when we went to the orphanage in December of 2013 so the three of us made an extra trip to Baja in February. We stopped in Tijuana at Costco and bought a truckload of fresh fruit and vegetables…a real treat during winter out in the high desert. Two of our neighborhood children, John and Lauren (9 year old twins), made 50 bracelets from rubber bands (the latest craze) and the kids at the orphanage loved them! We left behind four looms so the kids could make their own bracelets and some large Lego sets to keep them busy during the winter.

We spent the night at Mike’s Sky Rancho (25 miles by dirt road) which is popular among the off road racers. The next day it was nice to see that the “Mucho Bill Del Corazon Baseball Field” was in great shape and being used regularly. We played a game with the kids and everyone had a terrific time.


2013 El Oasis

This year we built a full on baseball field out of a barren patch of high desert in one day! Paul Southern and his friends from Crossfit in Pleasanton provided the labor and a ton of bats, balls, helmets and uniforms. Thanks to our friend Don Mackey we were able to double up on the food this year with a $5,000 shopping spree at Costco that required two trucks to transport! We also installed ten more computers and filled a bag full of Christmas gifts for each of the 49 kids. A huge thanks goes out to our major contributors this year: Malcolm Smith Foundation, McNamara’s Steak and Chop House and our primary benefactor Black Tie Transportation.

We spent an extra day in Baja and went to Rosarito where Paul Southern and his Grandma Dorothy organized an exhibition baseball game against a team from Tijuana. There was a huge turnout and everyone had a great time at this ‘international competition’. Crossfit supplied hundreds of bats, balls, gloves and uniforms to the Boys Club of Rosarito.



2012 El Oasis

Our work project this year was to paint the interior and exterior of one of the houses.




2011 El Oasis

Our work project this year was to lay tile in one of the houses.




2010 other 1952010 El Oasis

Our project this year was to purchase and install new mattresses for the children and provide 60 pairs of new shoes.