How We Support El Oasis

(El Oasis - 2012)

(El Oasis – 2012)

Through his years of off-road motorcycle racing in Baja California,

Bill and his fellow motorcycle racers happened upon and started supporting El Oasis in the late 90’s.  Don and Josh joined Bill on a trip to the orphanage in 2005 and the three of them have made the trip every year since.

In fact, instead of accepting an offer to spend his 30th birthday in Las Vegas Josh chose to donate the cost of the trip and his gifts to the kids at El Oasis.   Along with Bill’s generous support, the three of us spent Josh’s birthday at the orphanage and presented them with a sizable check.

With support from Pleasanton North Rotary until 2012, the children of El Oasis have benefited from a wide range of projects.  Each year we buy clothing, toys and sporting equipment and leave behind a big bag of presents for each of the children to open on Christmas morning.  We also go on a shopping spree at Costco in Tijuana each year and bring enough food and kitchen supplies to last for 30 days.

(El Oasis - 2009)

(El Oasis – 2009)

In addition to the Christmas gifts and food that we bring there is also a work project each year.

Over the years we have:

  • Supplied the materials and labor to paint the interior and exterior of one of the houses
  • Purchased floor tiles and installed them in one of the houses
  • Provided new curtains throughout each of the houses
  • Provided new blankets and bedding for all of the children
  • Purchased and installed 50 new mattresses
  • Built a new soccer field
  • Purchased and installed a new solar assist pump for the water system reducing monthly electricity costs by over $800
  • Provided each child with a school backpack filled with school supplies
  • Purchased and constructed shelving and organized an onsite library
  • Purchased furniture, big screen TV and DVD player for the audio/visual room
  • Provided more than 20 laptops and created a computer lab
  • Built a full on baseball field out of a barren patch of high desert