To Donate

We’re not sure why but all three of us just love these kids… and this place.

We know it’s not the dusty, cold location miles from anywhere that attracts us. And it’s certainly not the accommodations, vegetarian meals or the ‘no alcohol’ rule! It probably has something to do with the fact that Josh might have been an orphan if he wasn’t adopted by Don. For Bill it truly is “From the Heart”.

It doesn’t take much. Each year we need a minimum of $8,000 to $10,000. This allows us to provide each child with a bag full of Christmas presents to open on Christmas morning. It also helps us make sure that their cupboards are full during the cold winter months. Then with whatever is left we will do a project. There is still a lot to do including an upgraded computer lab, fixing the homes and providing more recreational activities.

All donations are fully tax deductible and 100% will go directly to benefit the children of El Oasis.

The best way to insure that your donation will be used to support the Del Corazon projects is to send a check made out to International Children’s Care (a 501(c)3) and send it to:

International Children’s Care
c/o Don Routh
101 Greenwich Ct
San Ramon, CA 94582

You will receive a letter of acknowledgement from International Children’s Care that you can use for tax purposes.

De El Oasis To Donate #2 (El Oasis - 2009)

(El Oasis – 2009)

De El Oasis  To Donate #1 (El Oasis - 2007)

(El Oasis – 2007)

De El Oasis To Donate #3 needs caption (El Oasis - 2012)

(El Oasis – 2012)