To Donate

We believe that mobility is a basic human right.

When a person has mobility it brings freedom, dignity and hope for the future.  It seems simple.  Just $150 will change someone’s life overnight.  And not just their life but the lives of their entire family.  The great thing about this Foundation is that your entire donation goes to the program cost of manufacturing and transporting the wheelchairs.  Volunteers like Del Corazon do the rest of the work. We are committed to bringing wheelchairs to all 21 countries in Latin America.

Help us achieve our goal by donating directly to the Wheelchair Foundation.

Please indicate “Del Corazon Latin America Projects” when asked “I would like to apply my donation to:”.    At the bottom of the page please indicate “From the Heart – Schools Project” and enter your school name when asked “How did you hear about the Wheelchair Foundation?”  The Wheelchair Foundation is a Division of Global Health and Education Foundation. It is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation and the Federal Tax ID is 94-3353881


Fe To Donate #2 (Venezuela - 2012)

(Venezuela – 2012)

Fe To Donate #4 (Ecuador - 2012)

(Ecuador – 2012)

Fe To donate #3 (Peru - 2007)

(Peru – 2007)