To Donate

Raising children these days is not easy and it is very expensive…we know!!

Raising a child with special needs is ten times harder and a lot more expensive!!!

Josh is who he is today because he had extensive physical, speech and occupational therapy throughout his formative years.

Many families with special needs children don’t have the financial resources and/or insurance to pay for necessary services. 100% of your donation will go straight to the Del Corazon Scholarship Fund and be used to help families in need pay for services. Donations in any amount are appreciated. For example, $110 pays for one hour of Speech or Occupational Therapy. $500 pays for a special needs child to attend preschool for a month!

SOI’s goal is to never have to deny services to a child in need. Help us help these families give their children a better chance in life.

Click here and be sure to indicate “Del Corazon Scholarship Fund” when it asks “How did you hear about us?”