Wheelchair Foundation Videos

These are some great videos! Take a look – we think they might tug at your heart!!

This group of five videos was filmed by the Wheelchair Foundation.

I Want To Live ( 4 min )

Changing Lives Around The World ( 8 min )

Reality, Mobility Independence ( 5 Min )

One Wheelchair At A Time ( 6 Min )

La Vida Digna – A Journey to Colombia and Peru (11 min)

Following is a documentary that was filmed in Ecuador in 2012. 
We are eternally grateful to our good friend, filmmaker 
(Spring Street Studios) and City Councilman (Pleasanton, CA) Jerry Pentin for donating his time, money and expertise to create this documentary. Jerry has also joined us on several wheelchair 

Bill, Don and Josh - Their Story ( 9 Min )

This is an amazing video about a woman who designed an
 underwater wheelchair so that she could scuba dive. Watch 
her float across the ocean floor!