Voluntary Assemblies


(Paraguay – 2014)

A great way to reach a large number of high school students is to conduct voluntary assemblies. Don and Josh Routh spend a full day on a high school campus and present to multiple classes each period on a voluntary basis.

Don and Josh have personally delivered over 7,800 wheelchairs on twenty four trips to sixteen countries in Latin America. As a young man with Cerebral Palsy who has been using a wheelchair his entire life, Josh provides perspective and helps break down the barriers often faced by those with disabilities. Their interactive presentation focuses on educating students about the need for wheelchairs around the world and describing the life changing experiences they have encountered while providing mobility.

Each presentation/discussion will be modified to address the subject matter of the classes attending (eg. Health, World Geography, PE, Sociology, Kinesiology, Leadership, Business, etc) and will draw from the following broad topics:

  • The need for mobility in the world
    • Statistical, geographical, historical and health related facts and discussion
  • Issues and challenges faced by people with disabilities
    • Compare and contrast life as a person with a disability
  • A business model that combines Leadership and Philanthropy
    • It’s not always about profit
  • How we can make a difference in the world
    • Photos, stories and videos of life changing experiences